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Anonymous asked:

does sexualizing the ponies go against the religion?




motheroftheseasons asked:

I'm sure this will sound stupid as hell, but how does one become a high priestess for F.i.P?

By being chosen as the leader of a coven/group. There is no hierarchy in the tradition other than that which your local group recognizes (and stormy and I as founders but that’s really lax). So if you get a group of folks together, and they agree that you’re in charge of rituals, then Boom! Priestess!


Anonymous asked:

Hi there! I found this tumblr while searching for various articles about pagan/non-pagan friend dynamics. I had no idea that "ponytheism" was a thing, even as a brony (I'm female but prefer brony as I find treating it as a gender neutral term is best). After reading the original post, I'm glad to see individuals gave thought to this. As the ponies worship the earth, of course they're pagan! But I'm curious, does this pop culture witchcraft demean modern paganism as a serious religion?


Thanks for your interest! I’m glad you find it fun, too.

No, pop culture witchcraft does not demean modern Paganism as a serious religion. In part, because pop culture Pagans/witches don’t really get attention outside of Pagan circles, so we’re not going to ‘smear’ the good name of Proper Srs Bsness Pagans in the eyes of the rest of the world. In part, because modern Pagans, even the most srs, don’t have enough of a good reputation in the mainstream to actually wreck said reputation. And in part, because if someone finds out about someone’s pop culture-based practice, they’re going to ask enough to find out a) that not all witchy or Pagan practices are Super Serious, but some are; b) that most practices are pretty silly out of context; and c) that lots of pop culture-based practices can be serious under the veneer of silliness. 

I mean, sure, if someone feels that their personal practice is demeaned by Friendship is Pagan, that’s possible. But that’s also their problem. 

witchofradoncanyon asked:

Sorry if it's not appropriate to ask this here but I was hoping you would post this. I'm collecting the McDonald's MLP happy meal figures (they're missing Cadence and AJ but otherwise have most of the mane six and princesses) for ponytheist reasons and I accidentally got two Raritys and was hoping someone else who's collecting would trade me for a Celestia, RD, or Twilight and I have no idea where else to ask cause I'm not in the fandom proper lol. <3

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In case you were wondering, Friendship is Pagan is a progressive tradition, with concerns for social justice. Why? In part b/c Stormy and I are queer butts who get angry at gender essentialism and racism and other problems in Pagan communities, and as the founders of the trad, we get to decide what’s what. 

But more importantly because progressive politics are rooted in Kindness to those who have been oppressed and Loyalty to your fellow humans. (And there’s a solid argument for Honesty about the problems in a given society, but that’s a talk for another day) And obviously Kindness and Loyalty line up with Friendship is Pagan values very nicely. 

so I meant it when I said I would eat you call yourself a ponytheist and you are sexist/ableist/cissexist/etc. 



I don’t feel like I should post this on my main blog but please contact me there (kuwata-kun) if you have an answer for me.

So Wicca was my gateway into paganism and I feel incredibly connected to the path of paganism but I’ve become increasingly disapproving how emphatic it is with binary genders and having strictly male/female partners. I’ve considered Dianic Wicca but it still doesn’t feel right.

I do believe in deities and want to worship them. 

Does anyone know of any LGBT and genderfluid friendly pagan paths? 

At the very least, does someone know where I can find information on as many different Pagan paths as possible? All my research turns up fairly empty-handed or brings all the same stuff over and over again.

Reclaiming, Feri, and Thorn Coyle’s work are all very LGBTQ+ friendly paths, and the Reclaiming group I hung out with in Bmore actually walked their queer-inclusive talk.

(also as the main scribe of Friendship is Pagan, I can tell you that it’s super queer-friendly because i will eat anyone who tries to be queerphobic while practicing with my rituals and the Princesses)

Announcement: I will eat you if you follow this blog and are transphobic or queerphobic. in case you were wondering. In case you somehow follow this blog w/o knowing that mod Covert is a giant queer butt who loves her friends and likes her feminism trans inclusive.

(Source: witchlyjournal)

Luna Crafts For Nightmare Protection.

Hi Covert! I just discovered Friendship is Pagan, and I have a few more ideas for the person who wants crafts to invoke Luna’s protection against nightmares.  Bearing in mind that any magical thingamabob should be empowered to work, here we go:

  • A dream pillow. Make it out of black fabric or felt with a white felt crescent moon applique. Stuff it with lavender and/or chamomile with mullein, cedar, rosemary (not a lot), and/or anise (small amount). If you’re making the pillow from felt, put the herbs in a bag of fine gauzy fabric first, so they don’t work through. Sleep with it under your pillow or tied to the headboard.

  • If you prefer gemstones, put the following in a black pouch with a white crescent moon: amethyst for psychic work and restful sleep, moonstone or selenite for Luna, agate or chrysoprase to work against nightmares, sea salt for protection and cleansing. Hang it by your head as you sleep.

  • Take white salt dough or air dry clay and make a crescent moon shape with a circular indent to hold a tealight (remember it shrinks a bit as it dries). Place a blue tealight in your new holder, put it beside your bed and light the candle for a few minutes just before you go to sleep. You can also paint a white crescent on a dark blue glass votive holder, or decorate a pillar or ball candle appropriately.

  • Make a mobile of Luna symbols – moons, stars, night clouds, her tiara/gauntlets, blue feathers or wings, sparkly ribbon to resemble her mane. Hang it over your bed.

  • If you wear a nightshirt or t-shirt to bed, get a plain blue one and use fabric paint to paint Luna’s chestplate over the chest area. Her cutie mark can go on matching pj bottoms. Or paint or applique a smaller cutie mark design on any nightwear you wish.

witchofradoncanyon asked:

My remark to a friend while watching For Whom the Sweetie Bell Tolls: "I like how Luna actually goes to people's dreams. Like, Celestia has to deal with all the busy daytime stuff and protecting the realm, but Luna has to deal with individual ponies' personal lives and issues. I feel like she has a more personal relationship to everypony in Equestria, whereas Celestia has a broader relationship. Like they both care about & protect and take care of everyone, but in different, complementary ways."

witchofradoncanyon asked:

I think Pinkie's obstacle course in Maud Pie gave some great ideas for the best offerings for the Mane Six: "Applesauce ... for Applejack, pretty shiny stuff for Rarity, reading material for Twilight, critter time for Fluttershy, Cupcakes for [Pinkie Pie] and a race for Rainbow Dash!" I think 'race' and 'critter time' would need to be tweaked appropriate to each individual but still.

Critter time = a toy for your animal (or an animal you like, so maybe a tiny cat toy or a little bit of birdseed)

Race = a prize you got for ‘winning’ something (like making a bet with a buddy and winning a dollar, or a trophy from a thing you did)

That sound cool?

plus, that gives a great idea for offering ideas:

  • cooking with apples for AJ
  • sewing for Rarity
  • reading for Twilight Sparkle
  • playing with animals for Fluttershy
  • laughing/making bad jokes for Pinkie Pie
  • racing against yourself for Rainbow Dash

Thanks so much for this message/idea!

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